EatWild 67 - How to Make a Hunting Show with Mitch Beaulieu

Mitch has built the Alpine Carnivore show over the past few years. It's a BC-focused hunting show which has captured my attention while I was researching hunts on the web. 
To be honest, I don't like a lot of hunting shows but really got into what Mitch was doing, so I reached out to find out what makes his stuff a bit different.  
In this EatWild Podcast episode, we are chatting about what makes for an engaging and interesting hunting show, and what it takes to pull off a show like this. 


We trade a few stories on when hunts get a little harrowing, and what it takes to withstand a storm in the alpine for numerous days. We talk transportation into inaccessible areas: canoes, packrafts, topped by...personal planes.

Mitch offers insight on becoming an "alpine hunter". We talk about the learning process and how much time and dedication it takes to learn how to hunt a spot, a species, and gathering layers of knowledge and experience throughout your life and identifying with the places you hunt, becoming part of them and feeling like they become a part of you.

This episode will get you fired up about hunting season and all of the adventures ahead. 
You can find Mitch's stuff and connect with him @alpinecarnivore

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Podcast note: During the episode, I forgot the name of Hilleberg tents.