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Workshop Overview

EatWild is excited to offer the Backpack Hunter Workshop for those hunters who are ready to take on an alpine hunting adventure. This workshop takes place in a mountainous environment. Participants must be capable of carrying moderate loads along steep trails. If you haven't hiked in a while you'll want to do some training or consider doing our regular Hunter Field Skills Workshop.

One of the most rewarding and successful ways to hunt is to get up into the alpine and stay there until you spot game. It's a rewarding adventure to climb a mountain and set up camp in the alpine where you can see for miles. Nothing is quite as relaxing as laying around in alpine meadows with your binoculars and spotting scope; watching the hills around for some critters to show up. When you spot an animal the excitement begins, and the stalk is on.

There are a number of skills that you need to develop in order to backpack into the mountains and thrive in the alpine environment. It takes significant planning and the appropriate gear to stay comfortable and safe. Spot and stalk hunting is a ton of fun and can be very successful with the right techniques and experience.

The EatWild mentor team will lead an overnight adventure into the alpine to look for deer habitat and deer. Our group will set up camp in the alpine and then strike out in small guided groups to practice orienteering, mountain travel and spot and stalk hunting techniques.

Our plan is to meet for an evening prior to our adventure. During our meeting, we will review our trip plan, discuss the gear you need to bring, and plan out our meals for the adventure. We will discuss hunting techniques and concepts that we will implement in the field. We will review how to use Google Earth and other tools to identify alpine hunting locations and techniques for how to access those areas using forest service roads.

The following weekend we will set out on our adventure. This will give you some time to pull together any gear that you need. We will leave ridiculously early on Saturday morning and head for the high country. Upon arrival at the trailhead, we will hike for two or three hours to access the Alpine where we will set up camp. Will spend the rest of the day practicing orienteering and setting up for an evening spotting session. Hopefully, we’ll spot some games and implement some stalking strategies. In the evening, we’ll hang out around the fire, debrief the day and eat a bit of food. Plan to wake up early and head out to spot and stalk for the morning. We will start to work our way back down the mountain in the late afternoon. Sunday’s dinner will take place in Hope BC and we’ll arrive back in Vancouver by 10 pm.


  • How to pack only the essential backpack gear - staying light is important for an enjoyable hike
  • How to cook in the alpine - we will be using small gas stoves, but I will show you how to cook over a fire too
  • Water management systems - how to avoid getting sick from water
  • Shelter and tarp systems for the alpine camp - finding a sheltered location to set up camp is essential
  • Fire building techniques
  • Emergency shelter building
  • InReach communications
  • Understanding alpine deer habitat - Identifying escape terrain, feeding areas, and migration corridors
  • Orienteering skills
  • What to do if you get lost
  • Picking a good spotting location
  • Spotting and glassing techniques
  • Stalking strategies
  • Meat care in the alpine
  • Oh and .... we will share best practices for pooping in the woods too. 

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Minimum Age Requirement

Children/teenagers are fine as long as they are fit enough to keep up and can carry their own provisions. Previous hunting/camping experience is an asset.

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