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Getting Started

If you are new and want to get started with hunting we recommend starting with CFSC (PAL) (if you plan to rifle hunt you will need this), then do our CORE online. These two courses are the start of your hunting journey.

Let EatWild introduce you to hunting. At EatWild we believe that hunting is about respecting our food and where it comes from, understanding nature, and experiencing adventure.

We can teach you to harvest and enjoy BC’s bounty of wild food. With the skills and confidence you can take responsibility for harvesting meat for your family and friends. At EatWild we will teach you all about elk, deer, ducks, and moose, where they live, and how to go about hunting them.

We also offer seasonal food preparation and preservation workshops, to teach you to make the best use of your harvest. Visit us on Instagram and Facebook to learn about our upcoming workshops, seminars, and wild dinners parties.

EatWild Schedule