Collection: Hunter Field Skills Workshop

Workshop Overview

Hunting is hard, and we want to help. To succeed, you need mentorship to learn the skills, find a community to support your learning journey, and build knowledge on how to hunt. Join us for a three-day field skills development workshop at Arosa Ranch in the heart of BC’s best deer and elk habitat.

Participants will learn from experienced mentors and practice the essential field skills to build the knowledge and confidence to become successful hunters. With a small group size ideal for learning, you can connect with other learners and develop your hunting community. This event is catered by Gourmet Wild Chef Jody Peck, who will create wild harvest-inspired feasts throughout the workshop.

We aim to ensure that HFSW Graduates have a systematic approach to finding game, the basic skills to harvest an animal confidently and the knowledge to take care of their harvest. This is a comprehensive field skills course. Participants will have the opportunity to build skills in orienteering, finding game, habitat identification, stalking game, basic hunting methods, field butchering, hunting camp setup, and much much more. 

The Food

The Activities


Live on the Land at Arosa Ranch 

The Hunter Field Skills Workshop is held @ Arosa Ranch, Bridesville. To learn more, visit their website here.

hunter field skills EatWild Arosa Ranch

For more specific driving directions to Arosa Ranch, please click here.

Build New Connections 


When you arrive

You must arrive the evening before Day 1 of the workshop. You are welcome to come any time during the afternoon. Feel free to arrive early, get to know the ranch, and lend a hand as we prepare for the workshop. A pot of stew will be on the fire, so you can count on being fed whenever you pull in. Please try to arrive before 7 pm if possible so we are all well rested for an early start. This means leaving Vancouver before 4 pm! The workshop begins at 8 am on Day 1. If you know that you will arrive past 7 pm, please let us know, and we will give you specific directions to where your bunk is. We will get checked in and enjoy an evening around the campfire.

Agenda Day 1
Breakfast and EatWild workshop orientation:
  • Overview of course and field exercises
  • The foundations of hunting – "Keeping it legal and safe."
  • Overview of where you can go hunting in BC and what you can hunt for
Morning field exercises:
  • Learn to get around in wilderness - orienteering with a map, compass, and GPS
  • Get to know the land – understand terrain and habitat
  • Finding wildlife - understanding animal behaviour and spotting animals
Afternoon Field Exercise:
  • Learn hunting techniques – still hunting, blinds, and tree stands
  • Find a spot to build a blind – evening hunt with a camera

After dark, we will be hosted in the lodge for a gourmet EatWild dinner. Dinner will include various BC harvested food, including elk, wild mushrooms, and wild salmon. Dinner will be followed by a short review of course content and field exercises.

Agenda Day 2
Morning field exercise:
  • Learning to hunt with a mentor. Sneaking around and finding deer
  • Survival and safety – emergency shelter, building fires, and calling for help
  • Setting up a hunting camp
Afternoon field exercises:
  • Field dressing and handling game
  • Butchering

Jody will demonstrate fire cooking techniques for dinner as she prepares a long table feast for us to celebrate the harvest.  Fireside storytelling and a hunting adventure slide show.

Agenda Day 3
  • Go for a hunt with a camera!
  • Head out on your own and find a deer. Take a picture to share with the group

Late breakfast

Hunting Technique Overview:

  • Still hunting techniques
  • Stand hunting techniques
  • Elk & Moose calling seminars
  • Road hunting strategies
Late Lunch Share a few pictures from the week and head home!

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Registration Details

Registration includes three nights' accommodation, all meals, a field guide, and course instruction. This is a unique opportunity to be in a spectacular place, eat amazing food, and learn everything you need to know to be a successful hunter.

We highly encourage carpooling and help to organize this closer to the event.

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COVID Policy

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Upcoming dates

April 2024

Hunter Field Skills Workshop - Apr 26-29, 2024 (deposit)

Arrive Friday Evening, Leave Monday Noonish

Arosa Ranch Road Bridesville, BC

There are 9 spaces available