Collection: In-person CORE Class

In order to become a hunter, BC residents must complete the Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education Program (CORE). The CORE program provides an overview of the hunting laws, ethics, animal identification, and firearm safety.

This course is held over two days. At the end of the second day you will be able to take the CORE exam.

If you have taken the CFSC course, then we will ask you to bring a copy of your CFSC course report with you. If you haven't taken the CFSC course, or you haven't kept a copy of the report, then we will run you through the practical firearms portion of the course and you will have a chance to demonstrate safe firearm handling knowledge.

We recommend you review these videos and podcasts in addition to attending the scheduled classroom time:

Upcoming dates

March 2023

East Vancouver, TBA

There are 15 spaces available