Intro to First Aid for Hunters

Hunting is a high-risk activity that takes place in remote wilderness settings. Are you prepared to reduce the risk and respond in a first aid emergency?

Join EatWild and Cam Fenton to learn about the most common injuries and life-threatening medical emergencies that hunters can encounter. You will receive first-hand details on how to treat them, what you should add to your kit, and common items you may already carry in your pack that can come in handy.

Based in Squamish, BC, Cam is a guide, BC paramedic, first aid instructor and educator. Whether by ski, foot, bike or boat, he loves to explore deep into wild places all across BC and beyond. What he likes most is connecting with his guest and students while sharing his passion for safety and emergency preparedness.

This is an in-person event hosted by Fjallraven in their Vancouver store on Broadway, and will not be recorded or otherwise distributed.

All proceeds will be donated to the BC BHA.

This workshop is an introduction to first aid, and will not provide any certification to participants. However, you will leave with considerable knowledge that you can apply in the event of a medical emergency while hunting in the backcountry.

Intro to First Aid for Hunters