Kamloops: in-person CORE course

To become a hunter, BC residents must complete the Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education Program (CORE). The CORE program provides an overview of hunting laws, ethics, animal identification, and firearms safety.
EatWild is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive learning experience.  There is a lot to learn to be a safe, successful and ethical hunter.  We are here to help! 
This course is youth friendly, as Martyne has a gift for teaching people of all ages. She creates a welcoming experience where everyone feels included in participating.
The EatWild CORE class is delivered over seventeen hours of mandatory course requirements and testing.  This includes 16 hours of classroom, and one hour of testing. This course includes the CORE exam fee. The exam will be held at the end of the second day.
EatWild offers free how-to-hunt videos and podcast lessons for additional learning and support. We encourage you to check out this content, as it will help you on your learning journey. 
Kamloops: in-person CORE course