LEH Hunting Party

Event Overview

This free event is presented in partnership with the BC Backcountry Hunters & Anglers. If you are not a member, we encourage you to submit your membership today, to find out about more cool events like this one in the future!

Grab your beverage of choice and join the party. Dylan will conduct an LEH “how it works” presentation and will support you to fill out your LEH online applications for the draw. An external monitor is recommended, so you can participate in the call and open the LEH application at the same time. Otherwise, please be prepared to take written notes.

Please bring your ipad, laptop, or smartphone so you can enter the LEH online. We will have extra ipads for you to use. The Province will introduce a new online system for hunters in 2016, to make it easier for you to register and apply for Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) draws. You can submit LEH applications online at home, or at Service BC, FrontCounter BC, or vendor locations. The EatWild team will help you enter you application online.

any great hunting opportunities are allocated through the Limited Entry Hunting (LEH) draw. Because there is often an excess demand to hunt for specific species (moose), the Province administers a draw in order to give all hunter a fair opportunity to hunt, while limiting the number of animals that get harvested. EatWild will help you understand how the LEH draw works, plan your hunts, and get the most out of the LEH draw. The event will be an opportunity to get the support and guidance to fill out the LEH online application to enter the LEH draw.

This will be a virtual open house event, and EatWilders (you) will get a chance to meet other hunters, enjoy a cold beverage, scheme up hunting adventures, and ask questions about hunting.

EatWild and BHA mentors will be available to help provide guidance, advice, and a few good stories throughout the workshop. We will help you fill out the online LEH application to enter the LEH draw. You can enter one application for each species that is listed in the LEH synopsis.

LEH Hunting Party