PAL (CFSC) – Canadian Firearms Safety Course

Do Your PAL in BC

Join EatWild for a hunter oriented firearms training course. Our PAL course is designed to ensure new hunters can build the confidence, knowledge and skills to safely and effectively use firearms.

EatWild is focused on hunting and we only run the non-restricted PAL (CFSC). We do not offer the RPAL (CRFSC).

CFSC is an introductory firearm safety course intended for all new firearms users and as a prerequisite for obtaining a Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL). This course provides students with the knowledge of firearm laws and confidence for safe-handling. Our classes provide a relaxed and friendly class atmosphere where beginners won’t feel intimidated.

To ensure that our students meet the full requirements of the Canadian Firearms Program and in accordance our authorization from the RCMP to provide the CFSC, the course consists of 10 hours classroom training time. The course is offered over one long day which includes the exam.

Participants will be able to:

  • Handle Non-Restricted firearms and ammunition safely
  • Use, store and transport Non-Restricted firearms and ammunition safely and responsibly
  • Apply for a Non-Restricted Firearms Licence (PAL) having received the required “Safety Training Certification”
  • Complete their BC Hunter Education Course (CORE) without having to take the CORE Practical Firearms Exam
  • Go on to take the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC)

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Minimum Age Requirement

12 years and older (RCMP Official FAQ here). 10 years old can take the course but can’t take the test or apply for their license (just for learning purposes). 10+ can hunt with someone who has a license as long as they are under direct supervision (Details Here).

Cancellation Policy

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COVID Policy

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PAL (CFSC) – Canadian Firearms Safety Course