EatWild New Hunter Kit
EatWild New Hunter Kit
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EatWild New Hunter Kit

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The EatWild New Hunter Kit includes the essential hunting equipment and emergency supplies for a new hunter. The kit includes a  compass, safety whistle, emergency blanket, bandage, lighter, candle, flagging tape, tow rope, and butt pad. The kit is assembled and ready for adventure in a versatile embroidered waist bag.

This is essential for navigation and finding game in the woods. The compass is attached to the outside of the satchel so it is accessible for regular use while wandering through the woods.

EatWild Butt Pad: 
It is critical that you stop, sit, and watch for long periods of time while you hunt. To be a successful hunter you must wait for game to come to you. The EatWild Butt pad will serve you well to keep you comfortably sitting and observing while on your next hunt. The EatWild Butt Pad is attached to the strap of the Kit to make for easy access.

EatWild Tow Rope: 
A 4 meter length of very tough rope. Often the most practical way to get your harvest back to camp or the truck is to tow the animal down the hill with a rope attached to the antlers or head. The EatWild Tow rope is plenty tough enough to tow a deer down, around, and over all obstacles. The rope is also useful for mending gear and making a shelter.

The Lighter and Candle: 
By far the best way to start a fire is to place a sustained flame under a bundle of dry twigs. The candle will provide a sustained flame that will dry out and light your tinder. Keep your lighter in your pocket so you can check the wind direction regularly while you are hunting.

The whistle is attached to the Kit. If you want to get your hunting partner’s attention, it is handy to have a whistle. If you ever get lost, be sure to blow the whistle regularly until someone comes to find you.

The emergency blanket is essential for shelter should you get lost. The blanket will help keep your body heat in and keep the moisture out. Your best chance of someone finding you is if you stay put when you are lost.

Electrical Tape and Dressing: 
Electrical tape is an invaluable piece of equipment for your hunting kit. The tape can serve to help mend equipment and stabilize an injury. Electrical tape is tough and flexible. It is suitable to taping up an ankle and can be used as a bandage to stop bleeding. A dressing is included for larger cuts. The tape will help keep sustained pressure on wounds.

Flagging Tape: 
Flagging tape is essential for marking the trails and the location of where you left an animal. Please don't leave you flagging tape in the forest after you have found your way home.