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An inclusive and educational community of wild food enthusiasts who love to hunt, forage, and cook wild food.

Open the door to a world of ethical, sustainable, and tasty adventure.

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EatWild Beginner Hunter Package

Get off on the right foot with EatWild's beginner hunter package!

Our experienced instructors specialize in teaching ethical hunting practices in a safe, fun, and hands-on environment.

Plus, get connected with like-minded hunters through the EatWild community. It's the perfect starting point for budding hunters!

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Hunting & Foraging Workshops

We offer a professionally developed catalog of accessible online courses and in-person workshops

EatWild wants to be part of something new.

We don’t hunt because we like antlers on our walls, or a quad in the garage. We hunt, fish and gather wild plants because we think it’s about time we changed the way we see food.  We know firsthand the barriers which can prevent city-dwellers from getting in touch with wild food.

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