It’s up to you! The Eatwild online and in-person courses offer a comprehensive overview of everything you know to become a hunter and pass the CORE exam. What makes the EatWild courses great, is we provide additional content to support you to be a knowledgeable and confident hunter.  We want you to feel like you have the foundation of what you need to know to start hunting in BC. Our instructors and mentors will ensure you have the confidence to begin your hunting journey. The online course allows you to study at your own pace on your own schedule, while the in-person course offers you the accountability to attend a scheduled class and connect with our instructors and other new hunters. 

The EatWild CORE course is led by experienced hunting mentor and educator Dylan Eyers. He walks students through the detailed content of the CORE program through passionate storytelling and lectures. Dylan is Metis and grew up in a family that relied on hunting and fishing for food. Dylan has built a network and community of expert hunters with whom he shares knowledge and his passion for hunting.  Dylan brings that knowledge and community to his lessons to share with new hunters. Dylan has been a Park Ranger for 25 years, and in his professional capacity, he works with wildlife biologists and conservation officers as part of his duties. As such, Dylan brings a professional perspective to teaching about laws and regulations of hunting, wildlife management, and conservation perspectives. 

The EatWild online course offers diverse learning tools, from lectures and videos to podcasts. The courses are entertaining and are guaranteed to make you a better hunter!

Now that you have completed the CORE class and CFSC course, you can apply for your Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) to purchase and own firearms and apply for your Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID) to get your hunting license.  

Next, you must build the foundation of skills and knowledge to become a successful hunter. EatWild offers a range of in-person workshops and online courses designed to help you build the confidence and skills to be a successful hunter. Sign up for one of our in-person workshops to learn hands-on skills and build community with other like-minded folks from the EatWild community. Join us for one of our online courses and join Dylan and his community of hunting experts to do a deep dive into “how to hunt” content at your own pace and on your own schedule. The online courses are guaranteed to make you a more successful Hunter!

There is a small benefit to taking the Canadian Firearm Safety Course (CFSC) course first. Once you’ve completed the CFSC course, you can apply for your (PAL). You need your Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) to purchase and possess a firearm and ammunition. It can take three to six months for your PAL application to be processed. So it makes sense to take this course first to allow for the processing time. In addition, if you have completed the CFSC course and you have your course completion certificate, you are not required to complete the practical firearms test of the CORE examination. 

Most folks eventually take both courses. By bundling the courses together,  you save some money and commit yourself to getting certified to hunt and own firearms.  You have the option to bundle your CFSC course with the in-person or online EatWIld CORE course.

Once you have completed the CORE program have your CORE registration form signed by the CORE examiner. You can send it by mail or drop off the CORE registration form at the BCWF office. They will process your application within a few days and send you your CORE course completion certificate. Once you have that in your position, you can go online and get your Fish and Wildlife ID through the BC Government website WILD app. Here’s the link to an instructional video

Step 1: Complete the CORE class. After completing the exam, you will receive a signed Registration Form from your CORE instructor.

Step 2: Get your CORE Certificate. You must send or drop off or mail the CORE Registration Form at the BC Wildlife Federation (BCWF) office. The BCWF office will issue you a CORE certificate. A $30 processing fee is paid to BCWF for this service.

Step 3: Get your Fish and Wildlife ID number. Once you have received your CORE Certificate, you will then need to take your CORE Certificate to the local service BC Service Center or go online here and request a FWID number. There is no cost for the FWID. Before an FWID is issued, you must prove that you are a BC resident and meet the minimum age requirements.

Step 4: Buy a hunting license and tags. You can purchase a license and tags online here, at the nearest BC Service Center, or kind hunting store. 

BCWF Office

101-9706 188th Street, Surrey, BC V4N 3M2
BC Service Center
175 – 22470 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge

You need the Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education (CORE) course to get a hunting licence in BC. Once you finish the curriculum successfully, you will apply to the BC Wildlife Federation, which will issue you a CORE Certificate. Once you have your CORE Certificate, you can apply to the Provincial Government for your Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID). Once you have been issued your Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID), you can buy a BC Hunting License and Species Tags.  You will have your FWID for life and never have to go through this process again.

Because of the limited number of seats and the cost of administering the class, we require all registered students to make every effort to attend so we can run a full class. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate refunds for cancellations within seven days of the class start date. Thank you for your support of this policy.

The test is 80 multiple-choice questions. It takes an average of 60 minutes for students to complete the test. If you take notes during class and complete the assigned readings and lessons,  you will do well on the exam. Less than 1% of the EatWild students have failed the exam. You can arrange to rewrite the exam with the instructor if you fall short of a passing grade.

Yes! We host a monthly core test for online students and self-study students.