Learn to Bear Hunt

Learn to Bear Hunt

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Are you curious if Black Bear hunting is for you? Black Bear hunting is an excellent way to source organic meat for the freezer. If you are starting your hunting journey, or if you're well along the way, black bear hunting offers a relatively low barrier and highly accessible hunt for folks. 

However, bear hunting also holds stigma and many misconceptions about the values of bear hunters. And many of us see bears differently than other game species that we hunt. It can be a complex journey to feel comfortable hunting bears.  I know because I have been on the journey too. 

I am teaming up with Nolan Osborne, an experienced hunting guide and conservationist, to share our knowledge about bears, where they live, and the best way to hunt them.

This course provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know to be a successful black bear hunter in BC.

Here’s the course curriculum:

Part 1 - Why hunt bears - Introduction

Part 2 - Understanding Bear Behaviour and Bear Identification

Part 3 - Finding and Reading Bear Sign

Part 4 - Black Bear Hunting Regulations

Part 5 - Spring Season Bear Hunting Opportunities

Part 6 - Fall Black Bear Hunting Opportunities - How to hunt black bears in the fall

Part 7 - Black Bear Hunting Techniques - How to hunt Black Bears

Part 8 - Aging Black Bears - Identifying the right bear for harvest

Part 9 - Shooting Bears and Shot Placement

Part 10 - Meat Care - How to take care of the meat in the field

Part 11 - Using the Whole Bear and Next Steps