EatWild 59 - The Ramtastic Adventure Part 3 - Getting the meat home

This is the third and final episode of the​ Ramtastic adventure​ Sheep Hunting podcast series. In this podcast, I’m catching up with our crew after having re-entered our post-adventure lives​ and we debrief about the challenges that we​ faced as the trip progressed

After a hugely successful opening day, we had two rams on top of the mountain and we faced the perils of getting ourselves,​ and the meat off the mountain ​and down the river ​safely. We were confronted with lots of barriers in getting the meat to butcher without spoiling in the hot temperatures. ​​The hot weather persisted, the bugs were brutal, the river was scary, and our resiliency was waning.​ We break down our systems for what worked well and what we would do differently next time.


We also share our experience with getting both rams through the compulsory inspection process. This turned out to be such an awesome opportunity to learn from sheep experts about ageing wild sheep.

And lastly, we get to start planning the next adventure.

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This adventure was made possible by our good friends at West Coast Kitchen for nourishing us all on the way, ​our Friends at S​eek ​Outside for gearing us up with ultra-lightweight backpacks, and our friends at Alpac​k​a ​Rafts for the bomber lightweight rafts for the voyage.
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