EatWild 78 - Connecting People to Hunting Through Food - With the London Chef Dan Hayes

Chef Dan Hayes joins me on this episode. He's known as the London Chef. You may have seen him on the Moose Meat and Marmalade Show, where he teams up with Art Napoleon, an indigenous hunter and a cook. Dan is from England and is a classically trained chef, and the show follows them on adventures visiting indigenous communities across Canada. They hunt, cook a little bit, and tell stories along the way, and it's fascinating. 

I wanted to talk to Dan about connecting people to hunting through food. How do we tell better hunting stories through food? How do we connect more folks to hunting?  

As a relative newcomer to Canada, Dan offers a unique perspective on hunting opportunities, cooking wild food, and connecting with indigenous communities. 

This episode is supported by BC Backcountry Hunters and Anglers (BCBHA). The BCBHA is a young conservation organization dedicated to protecting wild places like the Muskwa-Kechika Management Area and the critters that live in these wild places. Come out to a local event and get to know the BCBHA community. 

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