Collection: Bow Hunting Workshops

Do you want to learn to hunt with a bow? We can help. Join us for our inaugural EatWild Bow hunting workshop. We're teaming up with Adam Foss, an accomplished and passionate bow hunter, and the Feathered Fletch Archery School to bring you a comprehensive bowhunting workshop.

We are hosting the event at the Arosa Ranch where we will spend two days with you breaking down the fundamentals of archery, the principle of hunting with a bow, and planning and implementing a successful bow hunt.  We are stoked to support you on your journey to becoming a successful bowhunter.

We will host you at the Arosa Ranch in the heart of BC's best deer country. Participants are encouraged to arrive on the evening of May 11th. There will be a campfire and snacks around the fire. The workshop starts at 9 am on Friday, May 12th, and wraps up on Saturday the 13th at 5 pm. Workshop participants are invited to camp on the ranch. The cost of camping is included in the price. Cabins and suites are available as an upgrade. We will provide lunches on May 12th and 13th and a fireside dinner on May 12th. Workshop participants will need to bring their breakfast program. 

Pre-workshop zoom call meeting: April 26, 8:00 PM


Workshop orientation

What does it take to be a bow hunter: 
Why do we bow hunt
What does it take to be a bowhunter? 
Investments - Time, gear, and passion 
The mindset of the bowhunter 
Benefits of bow hunting - season and species that are advantageous to the bow hunter. 
Bow hunter graduation scale - What species should I start on and where should I be headed? 

Gear talk module:
Bow selection
Bow accessories 
Pack selection 
Tree stand options. 

Day 1 
3 hour archery clinic led by the feathered fletch coaching team – learning the fundamentals of shooting a bow


Still hunting techniques module:
Managing your smell, silhouette, and sound as you hunt. 
Concealment practices. 

Where should I set up to hunt module? 
Assessing deer habitat
Assessing sign density 
Favorable terrain feature
Huntabilty of the area

Field shooting module
Angle shooting
Shooting at range 
Shooting windows in the forest 
Kneeling shots

Day 2 

Stand hunting practices module:
where, when, and how to set up a stand? 
Treestands vs ground blinds vs natural cover. 
Tree stand and climbing safety.

Stalking game module:
When to stalk and when to not?  
What can you get away with and what will blow a stalk? 
What happens after you blow it? 

Taking the shot module: 
Decision making process before committing to the shot 
Arrow physics 
Shooting range 
Shooting windows
Shot angles
Shot placement 

After the shot module:
Reading the reaction of the animal after the shot. 
What to expect after a shot? 
The EatWild after the shot tracking  process breakdown. 
“What if” scenarios. 

3D bow hunting module:
Workshop participants will complete a 3d course to wrap up the workshop. participants will be scored on their ability stalk through the 3d course, find game, make an ethical shot, track a blood trail and recover the animal. 

Off-season maintenance and training module (wrap up).

Upcoming dates

May 2023

Arosa Ranch Road Bridesville, BC

There are 10 spaces available