CORE Certification Test - Nov. 29, 2023

CORE Certification Test - Nov. 29, 2023

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Wed, Oct 25, 2023

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6:00pm to 9:00pm


There are 19 spaces available



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EatWild offers CORE class tests for those who have undertaken self-study or taken CORE online.

CORE Challenge – Registration and Costs

See the schedule above for upcoming dates. Click register and fill out the form to reserve a spot.

If you have completed the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) already, the CORE course test for online students costs $50 per person. If you have completed the CFSC, then you are not required to complete the CORE Firearms practical test. You must provide the CORE Examiner with the completed CFSC report form showing successful test completion to be exempt from the practical firearms handling examination.

If you have not completed the CFSC, it’s $80, including the practical firearms safety component of the test. This includes a live review session with Dylan, testing in a classroom setting, a licensed instructor and your certification paperwork.

A Possession and Acquisition License (PAL) Card is NOT acceptable for exemption from the CORE practical firearms handling exam.