EatWild Game Bag Set

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EatWild Huto Game Bag collaboration. The perfect set of game bags

The Long range game bags are the ultimate set of game bags for the serious backcountry hunter looking to shed every ounce possible. These Nylon Taslan Ripstop material bags are highly breathable allowing meat to cool while keeping bugs off your meat. These will handle elk, medium sized moose quarters and any other similar big to mid sized animal. 

HUTO Lifestyle game bags are backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.



  • Measly 21 ounces or 1.20lbs per set
  • Design for Elk, Caribou, Sheep, Rams, Deer, Bear, Deer and even moose
  • Breathable to allow circulation while protecting from flies.
  • Re-usable.
  • Cord to close bag and sewn in webbing allows easy hanging for meat to cool.
  • Bright orange bags and reflective Logo to assist finding for those late night pack outs
  • Stuff sack can hold other tools such as knives, gloves, etc.
  • Approximately 120 pound rated hanging strength.


  • Weight- 21 ounces or 1.20 lbs per set 
  • Overall dimensions 6”x9”x3”
  • Nylon Taslan Ripstop Blend Material 
  • Breathability rating 9.5/10
  • Strength rating 8.7/10


  • 4 quantity -24x40 game bags
  • 2 quantity - 17x29 spare parts bags
  • 1 lightweight stuff sack
  • 10 feet Reflective paracord 

Note: Game meat should not be hung in temperatures above 4 degrees for any extended period of time. This may cause bacteria and meat spoilage.

Washing Instructions:

Rinse in cold water, Soak for 5-8 minutes in Luke warm soapy water, Rinse once more and then hang dry. DO NOT PLACE IN WASHING MACHINE OR DRYER!