The EatWild Butt Pad

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The EatWild Butt Pad will keep you comfortable as you sit and observe while on your next hunt, and will be handy for a myriad of other uses during any excursion to the outdoors.

To be a successful hunter you must wait for game to come to you. It is critical that you stop, sit, and watch for long periods of time while you hunt, and that usually means sitting on the ground - often on very cold and damp, perhaps even snowy icy ground, for long stretches, and keeping still while you do so. That becomes vastly more reasonable to accomplish with some insulation and cushion. The EatWild Butt Pad is made of high density closed cell foam and is just what your butt needs while parked on that inhospitable perch.
The Butt Pad is lightweight, coming in at less than 100 grams, and rolls up for easy stowing and quick access. Shove it in an outside pocket or under a compression strap on the outside of your pack, or wrap a small gear strap around it and use a clip to fasten it anywhere a clip can be fastened, like a belt loop.

An invaluable piece of simple gear that is easy to bring along, and you will find it comes in handy for a multitude of uses beyond sitting on it (think under your knee anytime you need to kneel on rocky ground). Well worth the investment - buy two and show someone how much you appreciate them and their butt by gifting one to your favourite hunting pal! Then let us know what new ways you come up with to make this piece worth packing in - tag us on your social media posts with @eatwild and #eatwildbuttpad so we can share it with our community!

*pls note, all current orders ship only in the black colour pictured