EatWild 52 - Ultra-lite tents and packs with Kevin Timm of Seek Outside

Episode Overview

The adventure hunting season is around the corner! I am getting excited, and that means the podcast is shifting focus to conversations on preparing and planning for the season.  In this episode, I am having a beer with Kevin Timm, co-founder of Seek Outside, and we are talking ultra-lite tents and the ideal backpack for packraft hunting. Seek Outside (SO) is known for the single-pole tent with an ultra-lite packable wood stove system. The huge advantage of this system is that you can backpack a roomy tent with a stove into the backcountry. This can make late hunting in the mountains way more comfortable and safe. I've had several adventures in my Seek Outside 8-person tent and I am considering investing in a 2-person super lite tent for the sheep hunting season.  I am also looking to replace my backpack with a waterproof system.

But before I can give up my MSR Hubba and my pack, I have a bunch of questions for Kevin. How safe is it to have a wood stove in a tent made of technical fabric? What's the best way to manage bugs in the early season? Can I use my down sleep bag inside of a single-wall tent? What's the best option in the SO pack designs for my next packrafting sheep hunting adventure? What are the pros and cons of an integrated pack frame vs the breakaway carry system? Along the way, we get insight into how a cybersecurity researcher finds his way into the high-performance gear manufacturing industry, and what motivates him to develop the best products on the market?  Kevin breaks down his philosophy and process of making his tents and backpacks and ensuring they stand the test of the elements.

This conversation was lots of fun. I hope you enjoy it and start to get excited about the adventure season ahead. If you have any questions about my experience with SO tents you can reach out to me on Instagram @eatwild.

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You can see all the SO gear at and be sure to follow Kevin and his team @seekoutside. Thanks for the time Kevin!

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