EatWild 53 - Getting into Sheep Shape

Episode Overview

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Sheep hunting season is a few weeks away. I’ll be hauling heavy packs into the mountains and relying on my body to hold up to the rigours of the terrain and to have an injury-free adventure.

With over a year of COVID living, my body is feeling the effects. I need to get in shape... FAST. Fortunately, my hunting partner Jenny P has been working with Emilie Whittemore to get her body ready for the sheep mountains. Emilie is a physiotherapist and strength and conditioning specialist, who believes in an integrated practice that is focused on injury prevention by building strength and conditioning the body to ready for the adventures ahead.

I am a little late to the party, but it’s time to get on it. We’ve invited Emilie on the podcast to talk about what it is going to take for us to get our bodies ready for the long hard days and strain of the sheep hunting season.

If you’re coming off some idle time and want to get back in shape and doing the things you love to do in the mountains, then you’ll love this podcast.

Thanks for doing this Emilie!

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We want to reduce barriers and create a welcoming, inclusive and supportive community for people to re-connect with nature and wild food.

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