EatWild 62 - Joe Eppele - Big Bulls, Bows and Fire Cooking

In this episode, I’m chatting with Joe Eppele. Joe is a passionate hunter, star of The EDGE hunting show, and Grey Cup champion.

This is the perfect episode if you're starting to think about brighter days ahead and what your hunting season is going to look like. Joe recaps his past year of hunting adventures - and what a year he had! As he tells stories about his last hunting season, Joe reveals what were his most challenging, and memorable hunts.

In this conversation, I learned that Joe is an excellent hunter, and got to find out about his techniques and decision-making processes that have to lead to success.

After this uplifting conversation, I am now super pumped about bow hunting and planning to practice this skill in 2022. 

You find Joe here @joe_eppele  or on the EDGE TV show @theedgetvshow

Hope you enjoy this one! 


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