EatWild 63 - Adam Foss - Adventure Hunt Planning

In this episode, I am joined by Adam Foss. Adam is a filmmaker, photographer, conservationist and adventure hunter. Adam has dedicated time in the mountains filming wildlife and mountain adventures in addition to his remarkable personal hunting adventures. His passion is sheep hunting and he has a ton of knowledge and experience to share with us. 
We talk about how to plan for big adventures, critical gear that he relies on, where we can save weight and where we can add a few ounces to build a bigger safety net. Adam tells us who he likes to hunt with and the importance of supporting new hunters on their journey to success. 
As I listened to the podcast I really enjoyed hearing Adam's philosophy of hunting, about really seeing the stars and calming the mind.  This is one of the best conversations I’ve had since doing this podcast. I hope you enjoy it!
Adam's recent project, Community for the Wild, is available for Telus subscribers on Optik TV and will be available more broadly as it makes the rounds on the film festival circuit over the next year. 
Be sure to follow Adam @fossman8 and check out the Foss Media teamwork at
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Poster photo by Francesca Pirolo