EatWild 64 - Treaty Rights, Reconciliation, and Wildlife Allocation - Implications of the Yahey vs. BC ruling

Today I am sitting with Spencer Greening La’goot, Indigenous scholar and Jesse Zeman, executive director of the BCWF to discuss a tough topic.

The news of restrictions for resident hunters as a result of the BC Government losing the Yahey vs. British Columbia court case has the potential to cause polarizing views. Pitting resident hunters against Indigenous Nations in a perceived competition for “the right to hunt and conducting one’s way of life” is not only dangerous in its potential for hindering reconciliation efforts, but it effectively takes the focus off the main issue: habitat loss.

My guests provide the context of this court decision, share important insight into how it was interpreted by the BC Government when implementing the measures that were just announced, and together we explore alternative strategies to support reconciliation.

The proposal from the BC Government is open for feedback until March 23 at midnight.

Find out more:

BC Government’s plan to address the Yahey vs. British Columbia court ruling

BC Government proposal

The Inconvenient Indian – if you needed ONE book to help you understand the context and the need for reconciliation

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