EatWild 68 - First Aid for Hunters with Cam Fenton

You will need to take notes for this one! Tons of good info, just in time for the hunting season. 

Hunting is a high-risk activity that takes place in remote wilderness settings.  How can we reduce the risk and be prepared to respond in a first aid emergency? 

In this episode, I am talking to Cam Fenton about the most common injuries and life-threatening medical emergencies that hunters can encounter. He provides detailed information on how to treat them, what you should add to your kit to ensure you’re prepared, and what you may already carry in your pack that could be used in these situations.

We talk about diagnosing and treating hypothermia, breaks and sprains, and cuts and bleeds. 

We discuss the importance of having a satellite emergency communication device  (like an inReach device) and being prepared to activate it and seek help if the situation requires it. We break down the question of "when should I call for help?"

Based in Squamish, BC, Cam Fenton is a guide, BC paramedic, first aid instructor and educator. Whether by ski, foot, bike or boat, he loves to explore deep into wild places all across BC and beyond. What he likes most is connecting with his guests and students while sharing his passion for safety and emergency preparedness.

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