EatWild 69 - The Best Way to Cook a Deer Leg - With Andy Moeckel the Flip Flop Guy

Save your deer legs! In this episode we're joined by Andy Moeckel - he’s The Flip Flop Guy. He’s pioneered the flip flop cooking method for deer legs over coal.
I am co-hosting this conversation with my good friend and wild chef Jody Peck. Jody is the head chef for our all-wild food wedding and we have 6 deer legs on the menu.  Andy shares his technique for cooking whole deer legs over the charcoal barbecue, and Jody is taking notes! 
The flip flop method is truly magic for serving deer legs and hosting an interactive food-focused party.
In addition to being a wild chef, Andy is a passionate hunter and conservationist.  We get to know Andy throughout this episode and hear about some of his adventures, his podcast and film projects.
Andy has built a truly unique business by bringing communities together around the fire and cooking deer legs. 
You can find Andy @TheFlipFlopGuy
You need to try this so be sure to keep one of your deer legs whole this fall and order some of The Flip Flop Sauce for your party!

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