EatWild 71 - Packraft Elk Hunting Adventure -With Adam Foss and Spencer Greening

I love elk hunting. I also love exploring.  I managed to talk my friends Spencer Greening and Adam Foss into joining me on the quest to find Elk Heaven. I had an idea about a river that might be bountiful with elk without any hunting pressure. The packrafts were the ideal mode of transportation to set out on an expedition to find Elk Heaven. 
Spencer Greening is an academic studying indigenous approaches to wildlife management, and Adam Foss is a professional photographer that works in the hunting and conservation world. This was Spencer's first Elk hunt and Adams's first packraft expedition so we share their learnings throughout the podcast. 
Throughout our days on the river, we have some insightful conversations and reflect on our motivations and passion for hunting.
We struggled to put a successful hunt together as we explored this new area. Hot weather and a full moon made it difficult to find Elk out and about during the day. By far the best way to be a successful hunter is to go back to an area where you’ve had success before. However, if you have a passion for exploring new places, then it’s hard to go back to the same place to hunt. We struggle with this question and talk about it in depth in this podcast. Exploration versus going with what you know.
I opted to roll this podcast out in one longer story, so I hope you enjoy it. 
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