EatWild 72 - Hunting with Horses - What I learned with Steve Hodgson

If you’re a hunter, you probably dream of a horse-hunting adventure. I know I do!  Horse hunting brings the promise of accessing remote wilderness areas with the comfort of horses doing the work to pack the harvest back to the trailhead. 

Before you saddle up on adventures like this, there’s lots to learn. Horses are a lot of work and it’s a huge commitment. But what a special way to travel and hunt! So it’s worth a listen to find out what horse hunting is all about. 

I’ve been invited by my friend and colleague, Steve Hodgson, on a horse-hunting adventure into a remote wilderness area in British Columbia. Steve is a keen hunter and an experienced horseman with a ton of knowledge. I’m stoked to get the invite and have the opportunity to learn about what it takes to hang out with these amazing animals on the trail and in the mountains. 

Horses are a commitment! In this podcast, we talk about what it takes to own and care for horses throughout the year, logistics of planning and executing a hunt with horses in the field.

All along, we’re looking for mule deer and enjoying some spectacular October weather in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever had the chance to hang out in. Also, with some great company from the horses and my old pal Steve.

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