EatWild 70 - Meat Care and Game Bags with Huto’s Mike Defeo

In this episode, I am joined by Mike Defeo of Huto Lifestyle. He started making game bags a few years ago with the goal of creating a lightweight quality product for backcountry hunters like me. I found Mike because I was on a quest to find an alternative to packing around bulky heavy cotton game bags. So I have a bunch of questions for Mike about moving to synthetic game bags. 
We get into a great discussion on meat care techniques while on the hunt and in the backcountry. We provide some suggestions on the realistic number of pack loads for each of the big game species and reasonable pack weights over distances. 
We talk about making ethical decisions about when hot temperatures can limit when and where you can harvest an animal.  
This is a great episode to be listening to as we get into the peak of the deer season.
In the introduction, I included some info about chronic wasting disease (CWD). The BC Chronic Wasting Disease Program is asking hunters to submit samples of harvested deer to reduce the potential spread of the disease here in BC. To find out more about CWD go here.
Also, Mike has generously offered a 10% discount on Huto Lifestyle Game Bags. I have a couple of sets and I sure appreciate how compact and light they are. Use the discount code EATWILD10 at the Huto Store. Valid until the end of October. 
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