EatWild 73 - Lessons in Blacktail Deer Hunting

This episode is all about blacktail deer and blacktail hunting. Since moving back to the Sunshine Coast, I’ve had time to focus on the elusive Blacktail deer. After 10 seasons of poking around these woods, I finally learned enough blacktail hunting lessons that a hunt came together for me. 

In this episode, I got a chance to catch up with my friend Travis Kayes. Travis is a relatively new hunter that came through the EatWild program.  He is dedicated and passionate about chasing Blacktail deer near his home. He has been the most consistently successful blacktail hunter in my community.

I know how hard blacktail hunting is, so I was curious to talk with Travis about his journey to becoming a successful Blacktail hunter. This is podcast is a ton of fun as Travis and I trade notes on what we learned about Blacktail hunting.

I would argue that the Blacktail deer is the most challenging of the deer species to harvest here in BC. They typically maintain low-density populations throughout their habitat, they don't leave a lot of sign, so they are hard to find.  They live in thick, noisy habitats so it's almost impossible to keep from bumping them.  

I hope you enjoy this podcast. And good luck finding your Blacktail secret spot!

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